Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse – What’s It All About?

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Welcome to my website Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse.


I guess if  you asked me how I  set myself apart from other sites  about recovery from narcissistic abuse  I would say its because its focused more about that we can do to heal ourselves from the rigors of what we have endured rather than going over and over the causes and whys and wherefores of Narcissistic behavior .

Sure , education  is so very important and its one of the most important ways of empowering yourself, but there are many other things you can do that will help you manage your recovery  before you are able to actually truly get  your life back!


 Once I realised what I was dealing with I found myself being absorbed into so much negativity that the bad stuff was all I could talk or think about about for a while. While that’s part and parcel of dealing with the shock that goes with the realisation of the truth of the situation, I knew I needed to be looking forward at ways to move on , one step at a time ! So I plan to include things like the importance of self care, diet and exercise , music , yoga , journaling, mindfulness , staying connected with friends and getting lots and lots of hugs . Of course you will have your own list of recovery tools which I hope you will share below so that we can all learn from each other!

What will you find on my site?

Its about me and some of my experiences of  being in a narcissistic relationship….and my ongoing journey of recovery

 Its about hearing from you about your experiences with a narcissistic individual whether partner , friend, work colleague , child or significant other in your life and being gentle with yourself as you disclose some of the things you have endured. 


Its about definitions and types of narcissistic personality disorder because its important to know and understand some of the basics (but not too much heavy reading !)… and taking as much as we need of this information without becoming overwhelmed !


delusions-narcissismIts about the causes of narcissistic personality disorder and the main characteristics.Its about the effects the various behaviours of the narcissist have on us and what we can do to counter it !


Its about terminology such as “narcissistic supply” and others …and what they mean for us .


Its about the process of recovery and the stages you may have to go through before you are complete again. Denial , anger , grief, acceptance and taking 2 steps forward and one back at different times.


Its about our families and friends and how the the narcissistic has poisoned our relationships with them  and how we can help them to understand!narcissism-abuse


Its about the mental health issues caused by narcissism and how to heal our minds with both relaxation and exercise!



 Its about the physical injuries inflicted by the  narcissist and how to heal our bodies!  heart-narcissismIts about getting our physical strength back too …..feel the burn!



Its about learning from each other.Its about sharing each others highs and lows and caring for each other and knowing that we have all had different experiences and respecting everyone has their own story ………..there is no right or wrong.caring-narcissism-pets


 That’s a taste of what it’s all about then …….its about connecting, reflecting, learning, recovery and having a laugh and so much more ! narcisstic-abuse-recovery

Its about empowering ourselves to take back our lives AND if you have come through the other side PLEASE SHARE ANY ADVICE ,TIPS and STRATEGIES  BELOW !

Thank you for taking the time to come to my site ! Please feel free to join in and leave you thoughts and comments below  ! I’m looking forward to meeting up with you !



Sharing is Caring