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cartoon-narcissismHi and welcome to my website or welcome back if you’ve visited before!

Today, for something different ,  we’re going to have a bit of fun by testing ourselves to see if its possible that WE are in fact the problem in our relationship …to see if WE are the narcissist in this relationship equation! So, in order to find out we’re going to do a Narcissistic Personality Disorder Quiz !

It could save us a lot of time, heartache and embarrassment ….not that as someone with NPD we would ever apologize for blaming anyone else though …or say that we were wrong! We would simply say that we always knew we had NPD and that everyone else should have listened to us in the first place and learned to deal with our behaviour!

Of course I’m saying the above  “tongue in cheek ” but in all seriousness  , do you think that you may have some of the traits of narcissism? Even one or two ?

As we have said before , if you answered yes , that’s perfectly fine , we all need a bit of spunk about us. It’s when those  traits become a “disorder ” that we are in trouble .

So are you ready to ask yourself the question… I have some narcissistic traits ….or  do I have narcissistic personality disorder?

Before you proceed , can you remember the traits of narcissistic personality disorder? Lets do a bit of a refresh before you take the test.narcissist-test

  1. Inflated sense of self importance
  2. Prone to exaggeration
  3. Treat others with contempt to make yourself feel/look better
  4. Exhibit an unhealthy preoccupation with success, power and admiration .
  5. Have sense of entitlement/to be  treated as special (but for no obvious reason) .
  6. Take advantage of others for your own gain
  7. Lack the ability to have feeling (empathy ) for others .
  8. Expect to be recognised as superior (with no justification for such recognition)
  9. Unable to handle criticism (even if given constructively)..all criticism is taken as a huge personal insult.
  10. Expect unquestioning compliance with all your expectations.

Ok then, after that little refresher , we’re ready to take the quiz  ! All you need to do is ask yourself the following:

To what extent do you agree with this statement: “I am a narcissist.” (Note: The word “narcissist” means egotistical, self-focused, and vain.)

Rank yourself between 1 and 7 !

  • = not very

All done ! So how did you go ? I’d love to hear so leave me a comment below if you dare! LOL!not-a-joke-narcissism


Now, I know what you’re probably thinking? That this is a joke! That this cant possibly be THE test for such a complex disorder as narcissistic personality disorder! ONE QUESTION ? Seriously ?

But its not a joke !

 The fact is that research has shown that almost all narcissists know that they are narcissists (but probably would not agree to use of that term) and whats more they are not unhappy about it! They wont admit to having a “disorder ” as such but they will tell you that they are superior to others, they are leaders and that having leadership qualities is a good thing, that they are competitive and hate losing , that they consider themselves good looking, that they feel entitled to have what they want and that they should be respected and admired for their success .  Its almost as if they feel sorry for the rest of us !



 Yes , of course there are other more definitive tests used by psychologists and psychiatrists to determine what type of narcissistic personality disorder a person has however this simple test has been found to be amazingly accurate. The most commonly used test has 40 questions and can take about 15 minutes to complete. The obvious disadvantage being that some people cant concentrate for that long and lose interest .



The truth is , as mentioned earlier  , that we ALL have a degree of narcissism running through our veins. Its not all bad , its necessary for survival in fact , individuals who have not enough of it are those who allow others to walk all over them, say yes to everything even when they really  want to say no and end up leading quite miserable lives trying to please everyone but themselves.
Narcissism becomes a problem when some of these traits ,which could be looked upon as strong willed  or determined , cross the line into  bullying and being obsessed with succeeding at any cost . In narcissistic personality disorder what we might normally see as self assurance becomes a distorted sense of self importance and superiority.narcissism-centre-of-universe



Interestingly this newer survey, called the Single Item Narcissism Scale (SINS) returned very similar results to those from the Narcissistic Personality Inventory which was the questionnaire previously routinely used in assessing individuals for  NPD. It contained 40 questions as opposed to one!



This short quiz is not a replacement for more thorough testing but rather a quick , easy and seemingly quite reliable way to see if an individual has narcissistic tendencies after which they may or may not  be referred on for more assessment. Now…  you can experience the longer quiz and make a comparison with how you ranked yourself in the above test, I am including the link  here:

I can tell you that I scored as about a 2-3 on the scale of 1 to 7 and on the 40 question test I came up with a 2 ! So …the test results  are pretty much the same……and clearly I am NOT a narcissist!

So how would you react if you scored high on either or both tests?question-mark-narcissism

Do you think you would be open to admitting that you were a narcissist ?

Would you be willing to seek treatment?
Lets face it ,its confronting for any of us to submit to testing for anything to do with our health especially our mental health. Then, to be told that something may not be quite right is not what we want to hear.  The stigma around mental health is slowly becoming less , but personality disorder  is still not well understood by the general public .  Narcissistic personality disorder is even more confusing given that these individuals cant see that they have a problem …and if they do its caused by someone else , not them!

The treatment is aimed at getting the person to understand why they behave the way they do and to tap into some of the underlying issues of shame and poor self esteem . Treatment generally consists of talk therapy rather than medication although if the individual has come to treatment with feelings of depression , medication may be required .



Studies show that men are more likely to develop narcissism than women. We also know that men generally don’t look after their health as well as they should so its not surprising to find that the rates of individuals seeking treatment for narcissistic personality disorder are quite low.


I hope you have gained something from this post and that after taking the Narcissistic Personality Disorder Quiz you also have a clearer idea of where you may sit on the Narcissism continuum!  It was meant as  a fun exercise but also as a bit of food for thought …after all a bit of self examination never hurts! That is unless you are a narcissist who doesn’t think its not necessary because you are perfect!

Until we meet again , stay safe and remember….



Sharing is Caring

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