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Simple pleasures!

Hi and welcome to my page devoted to  feel good stuff for you to try !

 This is where I get to suggest fun , relaxing  activities, test some products and then if I like them I can recommend them to you !

I plan to test out and do reviews on some of the products/activities here but not all …some things like getting down and dirty in the mud I’ll leave up to you! Although I do see myself doing a Tough Mudder Challenge one day . I’m sure it would be great fun , after all we used to love getting dirty as kids so why not allow yourself to be a big kid again!

Most things on this page are low cost or free which was the aim . It’s a work in progress , eventually  there’ll  be everything on my Reviews list from relaxation products , fitness programs and cheap get-a-ways, to the benefits of a walk on the beach and cultivating the habit of mindfulness right through to healthy recipes and laughter therapy….

……AND  more !

If there’s anything that you’ve seen or that you currently use and love please let me know or leave a link to your own review in the space below.

I must say here that this page is not meant as a substitute for the more serious parts of recovery from narcissistic abuse .

I’m not denying the need to attend therapy (I do myself) or reading  about what part of you allowed you to be drawn into  into a narcissistic relationship or how you have been damaged by one of these mind twisting individuals and what to do to avoid it happening again.

Not for one minute would I deny this  …because Im still immersed in working on this myself and  the last thing I want to do here is minimise the importance of doing what you need to do for you.

What I do find though is that many many articles on recovery from narcissistic abuse focus on the reasons why and how to unravel the whole thing but not much about the huge variety of simple ” feel good ” things we can do that can make a big difference to how we feel on a daily basis . Like having FUN! TAKING OUR LIVES BACK!take-my-life-backThere are so many benefits to be gained from getting out and about , stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different , taking up a new hobby , meeting new people, learning to dance and so on when your are in the recovery stage.

Obviously the timing is very individual , I’m still learning how to get back to doing the things I used to love. I loved attending a monthly ladies dinner club but no longer have the courage to show my face, I loved my garden which was always a source of relaxation but I completely lost interest in as things got worse for me , I was involved in the local triathlon club but stopped going …so Ive got lots  get catch up on …in my own time!

Below I’m just going to post lots of images of things I’m going to try over time and hope you will too ..and of course report back about your experiences!

Massage has so many benefits .. for mind and body ..see a therapist or do it yourself!
Adopt or foster a pet or a guide dog puppy ….there’s no better therapy
Great idea !
what is this
I did this and LOVED it !
Get dirty !
Hug a child ..
Bushwalking ..peace and tranquility
Messy art is so therapeutic !
You MUST eat chocolate! (Dark please!)
Rock ‘n Roll ..good for the soul !
Simple backyard fun..get twisted..or untwisted!!
Colouring in …great for anxiety



Nothing like a great road trip!
Get knitting for those sleeping rough on the streets..join a knitting group!
Kitchen mischief with the kids!
Music is food for the Soul…


Lie on the grass and listen to your favourite tunes …

Make a Gratitude list ….
Make a journal entry every day ..
Join a choir …singing is good for the soul..even if you think you can’t !
Aqua Aerobics, low impact and fun!


Nothing like a good day Op Shopping!
Beautiful foot massage…
Read … lose yourself in a great book !
I love this! A few fries wont hurt!


Trail running is great !
Play with your best friend !
Gardening .. gets your hand dirty and soothes your mind !
What he said!



Giving back is a great feeling!




Cacao is the healthy cocoa .. so good for you !
Zumba is great fun and exercise!


Coffee and friends..

Take in  a sunset whenever you get the chance!
Essential Oils are……ESSENTIAL!

Laughter therapy…its the best medicine!
Stretch with your best friend!
No need to explain this one!

Thank you for coming to my fun page and I hope you found a few activities or relaxing things to enjoy ! More soon and PLEASE leave your best feel good tips below! xx

















Sharing is Caring