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dog-doctor-reviewProduct:  Paperback : “Dog as my Doctor, Cat as my Nurse” by Carlyn Montes De Oca  L.aC  M.O.T.M

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“Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse is a simply gorgeous book which I hope you will read, learn and adopt a pet! I read it in the course of one day and (most of that) night! It was so full of personal stories, facts about human and animal health and the undeniable connection between the two, that I just had to keep reading to the end !


As a nurse myself I have long been aware of the benefits of pets as therapy for both young and old but I wasn’t aware of exactly WHY specifically pets are so good for human health. I’ve seen many close relationships between my own family members and their pets but had never delved any deeper into the connection, thinking that it was just the companionship that made the bond so special .

When I saw this book and read the introduction I knew I had to have it and that it was going to give me much  more insight into the mutual benefits of pet “guardianship”( the author doesn’t like the term ownership!)

For those who are simply interested in an informative read about the benefits of pets on human health, for those who have and love pets and are interested to learn more , for those who love heartwarming stories and for those thinking of getting a pet……this is the book for all of you ! If you are about to adopt a pet you can be sure that after reading this book (and if you then take the advice of the author) you will certainly live a healthier, happier, and more extraordinary life!


Food for Thought

Although this book may seem somewhat alternative with talk of vegan diets for dogs, it’s much more besides! It contains so much valuable  information which is both research based and anecdotal …..and a lot of common sense….it is a treasure trove of food for thought (forgive the pun!). The plant based diet ,to which Carlyn subscribes herself ,is proof of her deep and profound love for all animals. She goes to some length to explain her rationale, not the least of which is that she simply doesn’t want to eat animals nor does she feel that her pets should be fed pet food made from other animals. That was something that I had not considered before reading this book . I know I wouldn’t  feel happy eating food made from other humans! The author is in no way suggesting that all dog owners should immediately adopt a vegan diet for their canines, she just wants all pet guardians to do the very best they can for their pets and for themselves!

What I like about this book is the way the author intertwines her personal life stories,  the role her “six pack ” (animals not abs!) has played in her life and stories of friends experiences with the healing benefits of pet guardianship across so many different scenarios.

What Would Your Dog Doctor or Cat Nurse Say To You …

At the end of each chapter is a little recap of the poincat-nurse-human-healthts to be remembered by we humans ,written as if said by our pets……..a “pet’s prescription” if you like , aimed at improving the health of their humans ! The “script”most often written by pets for humans,  according to the author, is “Slow down, there is nothing on your plate today that is more important than a few moments of being here.  Being present. Being grounded. Just being.” I feel this adds a very endearing little touch to the close of each chapter.

Pets as Stress Busters

I particularly liked the chapter on the “The Impact of Words” . In a world  where research show that 75 % of visits to GP’s are stress related.  She follows up with nine stories of how animals, who through their presence in the lives of their humans , have taught their guardians about self awareness, gratitude , commitment, joy, trust, inspiration, self acceptance, hope and freedom.

cat-nurseIts important for me to be able to place a review such as this on my site about Narcissistic abuse. While this book has valuable information for all humans I think it is very relevant to those of us who have been subject to physical ,verbal and emotional abuse.  I know after reading only a few chapters I had a smile on my face which in turn reduced my anxiety !

No Words Necessary…

Among the topics Carlyn covers are the benefits of patting , the reason why cats purr (and you may be surprised to know its not just when they are content !), why animals lick wounds , how the body warmth from animals can absorb and  heal tummy pain and so much more. Whether its  stress , high blood pressure , sleep issues , anxiety , the value of getting outside with your pet and getting in touch with nature or detecting possible cancer , it seems that pet power is able to help . Pets are fantastic at reflecting our own health back to us and  the amazing thing is  that they never need words to understand what’s going on in our hearts! They just know !

Carlyn also touches on how we can learn from watching how our pets live their lives. She calls it the mirroring effect .cat-yoga They stretch when they first get up (exercise/yoga), they can be seen staring  into nothingness (mindfulness/meditation), they nap when they feel weary (the power nap) , they bring their heart into everything they do (showing gratitude),  they have a drink water when thirsty (reminding us stay hydrated)….and much including knowing when we are ready to play, to snuggling in close when they sense we are sad.

I will finish with my own experience of how dogs know when we are sick . The nursing home in which my very elderly aunt was dying had a resident golden retriever . She sat outside my aunt’s room as visitors came to say their goodbyes . When my aunt passed away the room had to be cleaned and the bed made up with fresh linen. This beautiful animal waited patiently outside . When everyone had left the room she hopped up onto the bed and stayed there for a couple of days . She was grieving for my aunt, her lost human.

About the author Carlyn Montes De Oca

Carlyn is an author, speaker, plant-based nutritional consultant, and acupuncturist an and animal-human health expert . She has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a certified in plant-based nutritionist. Carlyn is passionate about “adopting not shopping” for our animals friends . She is spokesperson for the Guardian Campaign at In Defense of Animals and she  is also the founder of The Animal-Human Health Connection which is about creating awareness of the undeniable ways in which animals can help us heal  our illnesses , bring us happiness, and enhance our longevity. So go to it , get your hands on this lovely book then read, learn and adopt a pet.I hope you will  have a healthy, happy and extraordinary life together!dog-exercising





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