Best Little Self Massage Tool Ever! I Love It!

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 Product: Massage Tool- Hand Held, Body Stress Relief  Massage Tool .dr-berg-massage-tool-narcissism

Price: $US 51.95

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: Able to be held comfortably in an adult hand.

Warranty:100% Satisfaction Guarantee-full refund if not 100% happy with your purchase!

My Rating: 5/5


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Less is More “. Who would have thought that this little massage “tool” could be so effective and even replace the need to go to a therapist for as massage? I certainly didn’t !

The best bit is that this Massage Tool  was designed by someone who should know the ins and outs of what works on aches and pains.

Dr Berg demonstrating his massage tool …relaxing in between clients!

Dr. Eric Berg (above) is the designer of  the Massage Tool. He has 25yrs experience as a chiropractor and he designed the product so that if used correctly it would achieve benefits similar to those gained from actually having a hands on massage or acupressure treatment . Click this link to watch Dr Berg explain how stress affects the body and how acupressure with his massage tool can help relieve it!

Avoid Cheap $2 Imitations!

There are many imitation versions of this massage tool but most are not much more than brightly coloured plastic gizmos.  Sure , they  do feel quite nice if you run them over your body but they aren’t designed by a health professional and have little or  no ability to replicate a massage as such . They can’t target specific acupressure points because all the prongs are the same length and they wont stay where you want them to because of the rounded knob slipping out of place . They certainly don’t work in the same way as a remedial massage does in terms of getting rid of sore spots which is the advantage of the Massage Tool  .


Once you’ve tried Dr Berg’s massage tool there is no comparison. I’m from the health profession and I know about these things! Many products designed to assist us in maintaining /regaining health are great and they do work . But as we all know some so called health products are scams and a waste of money.

I was also into the triathlon scene for a while and once again you need to trust me when I say this massage tool works wonders on your poor old sore muscles after you have swum, ridden and run lots of miles/kms in the race to the finish line!

This product is not just about muscle soreness though. It’s as much about using acupressure points for releasing tension as anything else. Those of us who are suffering abuse or in recovery from Narcissistic abuse know all about living in a constant state of stress and how it can cause tension and physical pain. I have recently been using this tool after developing intense back pain due to tension caused by the stress I have been under . Having a “Tool” like this one in my recovery toolkit is very handy as I can use it wherever I am.

This product comes with a booklet explaining how to use it , how  it works AND if you care to go to U-tube you will find Dr.Berg’s videos which explain how to use it in more detail. They are very interesting and informative tutorials and add a lot towards understanding how the massage tool can help you. You can see a video below on how the Massage Tool  can help you sleep better .


Designed by a health professional who does massage all day every day. Used by massage therapists use it as an adjunct to their treatment. Say no more !

Unique tripod design, suits all body sizes and treats different body parts by positioning it in different ways. The tripod design makes it stable for use on different surfaces.

Sturdy construction unlike some copies which are flimsy by comparison.

Rounded smooth ends mimicking finger tips which are  able to penetrate deep into muscle tissue.


  1. The massage tool when used correctly and regularly can lessen the need to take pain medication (it may not completely cure the problem but reducing muscle tension reduces pain and therefore reduces the need for medication)
  2. Can be used anywhere anytime ..almost!
  3. Its small, light and very transportable .
  4. Can get into nooks and crannies that other similar tools cant reach.back-pain-massage
  5. Helps relieve pain. That’s not to say it will cure the pain completely but it will reduce the tension that builds up in your body because of your pain.
  6. Promotes whole body relaxation from head to toe and everywhere in between!
  7. Its great for just a bit of a relaxing massage.  You don’t need a reason to have a massage and with this little beauty you can have one every day!
  8. Use in place of a foam roller commonly used by athletes to release tight iliotibial band (the muscle running from the hip to knee on the outside of thigh)muscles or any other sore muscles. But it doesn’t end there!sleep-massage-tool
  9. If you’re one of these people who struggles with sleeping then get yourself one of these little gadgets right now ! Using this massage tool for a few minutes on any areas of pain that usually keep you awake and you will sleep like a baby …..on second thoughts …some babies don’t sleep very well so lets say you’ll sleep much better !
  10. If you come home all tense and wound up after work, you may experience neck pain. Grab this little gem and give yourself a workout ! Its amazingly relaxing because it works on muscles and acupressure points as well, two in one, a massage and an acupressure treatment as well !
  11. No nasty side effects !
  12. No power needed , no batteries required.
  13. HUGE savings on massage therapy costs!








Review of Dr Berg’s Massage Tool by a massage therapist :

on October 20, 2016
I’m a massage therapist and this tool works great! I’ve used it on almost every client with deep or non-deep tissue requests as a tool in motion – they feel the results of more ROM and freer mobility. I don’t limit the use to the back or neck … it works great in the glutes (booty muscles) along the sacrum (tail bones) and really cleans out fascia around the Greater Tracantor (the bone that sticks out laterally below the hip), down the sides, front and backs of legs (trying to be non-medical here) and deep in the Lumbar area (lower back). The only thing that needs to be changed is the name …. I need something simple – there’s too many “massage tools” so I simply call it “Berg” – it’s become my buddy, my back and hand saver. This is me working on others… The technique will be hard to emulate on your self, so take it to your massage therapist and ask them to use it on you! Thank you, Dr. Berg!!!



I can highly recommend Dr Berg’s Massage Tool as a simple effective way to ease pain, relieve tension, release painful “knots” in painful muscles and improve sleep. I believe that once you try this massage tool and use it as directed and in conjunction with the videos on U-tube , you will wonder how you ever managed without it …not to mention the amount you will save on visits to your therapist!


So there you have it …the low down on Dr Bergs’ Massage Tool…a simple effective way of relieving , tension , sore spots and helping you sleep better PLUS saving you money on visits to therapists! I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do !

Do please leave me a message below about your experiences! 












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