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Sharing is Caring

Hello…. and if this is your jumping off point  I want to welcome you  to my website, otherwise if you have already had a bit of a squizz around my site , I’d like to thank you for taking the time to come to this page….to find out about me  !

Whilst the subject of my website, narcissism,  may have you thinking that the content of my posts could be a bit “ugly” I’m here to tell you that I’m a pretty cheerful person who has a great sense of humour , is resilient , strong , proactive and determined to put my narcissistic relationship well and truly behind me!

The truth is that I have only very recently extricated myself  from a narcissist relationship . Therefore, I can guarantee that what I’m bringing to this discussion is very real ! I’m still very much in recovery mode , some days are awful and some days are fun!

Anyway …after leaving I was faced with finding another way of supporting myself as I had, up to that point, worked for my partner. While I had always planned to start my own counselling business, this was not the time. I was needing the counselling myself and I had nothing left to give to anyone else . As well as that , with my self esteem in my boots and being in a constant state of heightened anxiety, I knew that I wasnt capable of looking for work or attending interviews in the immediate future. I was unable at times to put two words together and my ability to remember things from day to day was unpredictable .

Eventually I came across the idea of doing a blog around narcissism and the issues facing individuals in recovery from narcissistic abuse,both as a means of helping myself as well as a means of connecting with others….. and hopefully earning a few dollars down the track . The problem was that I wasn’t quite sure how to make a living by writing about my experiences !cranky-girl-narcissism

I knew that many people had online businesses but where to start ? I had had a bit of exposure to website development so once I thought about it a bit more , I felt it was a no brainer that I should have a go at starting up my own web based business. After some researching I realised that I needed to learn how to build a website (and fast)on which to do my blogging. Easy peasy …so I thought!! I was in for a big shock …initially!


That was until I  found a great program offering the best support at Wealthy Affiliate. The two young guys who started this business are amazing and offer anyone who is prepared to do the hard yards,  the chance to realise the dream of creating my their own website and generating an income down the track ….or not if thats not your thing. The motivation to learn web development will different  for each individual  . Anyway, I am now learning very fast! I’m not going to say I haven’t had my challenges but one of the best parts about this program is that anytime of day or night there is someone online to offer support ! People from all over the world but it feels after a while that they are just next door!

Once I got on track with Wealthy Affiliate I knew automatically what my website was going to be about. Given my passion for helping people and  my personal experience with narcissism and domestic abuse, it was an easy decision!

Although I have a background in nursing and mental health  I am right now passionate about continuing to learn as much as I can about narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder and sharing that with others. My experience of being in the thick of the confusion that is central to the life of being abused by a narcissist are something I feel compelled to share in the hope that others will come to realise what is happening in their own lives , just like I did .  BUT its also to share GOOD NEWS stories about recovery and life after narcissistic abuse …and hopefully have some laughs along the way! God knows we need as much laughter as we can get! Don’t you agree?

A bit more about me….. I like to keep fit , I  have done a few triathlons, in fact my first was for my 60th birthday a few years ago ! The biggest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere no less….. I guess that demonstrates that I’m not one to shy away from a challenge! Being an advocate for those in abusive situations is my next challenge! Oh , wait a minute ….I’m doing a skydive sometime soon so maybe that goes in the challenge basket as well!

I like to travel and last year spent a white Xmas in Mt Tremblant Quebec….very different to our hot Aussie Christmas time ! Although I did live in the UK in my 20’s so it wasn’t a total shock.

I love music , I like to sing and dance , I love to lose myself in a book and I love learning something new everyday! More than all of those things , I love my friends and family and keeping connected with them has been and will continue to be a huge part of my recovery process! I am passionate about helping people which is why I became a nurse and a counsellor . I just love to hear people’s stories …everyone has one but in  many cases  they don’t feel as though their story is worthy of anyone listening. Just ask me ! I will listen!

Right now as Ive said I’m about empowering women and men who find themselves in any sort of narcissistic abusive relationship(or any kind of Domestic Violence situation) whether it be physical , financial , emotional, psychological, sexual  or any combination of those. I also want to set a good example for women of all ages, especially older women like me,  by showing them that even at my age there is no need to stay with a narcissistic partner. There is a life out there to be lived to the full after a narcissistic relationship!

I hope you enjoy my blog posts,  feel free to join in and share your thoughts, experiences , therapies and stories  as I’m sure they will  resonate with someone else out there who feels just like you !

Im excited and looking forward to hearing about your experiences . I’d love you to leave your comments below  ! xx







Sharing is Caring